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About Tracey

When I began my career in real estate, I vowed to always place people and principles ahead of profits. Rather than just hopping from one commission to the next, I would devote my time and energies to developing a strong relationship with each of my clients. Why? Because I realize what a momentous event it can be when you decide to sell your home or buy a new one. So I take it very, very seriously. Whether they're buyers or sellers, clients need to be protected. Emotions tend to run very high during this time. Critical choices need to be made. Stress levels are high because there's so much money involved that could end up helping - or hurting - a family situation. In other words, we're talking people's lives here. So many elements have to come together just right. The whole process is so complex that even very small factors can derail things. That's why I take such great care in, for example, putting contracts together. Fortunately, I was blessed with a very detail-oriented, analytical mind, so what's boring for other realtors is riveting to me. And while some realtors seem to be in a hurry to get through this part, I take the time to do it right. I also have the kind of constant focus needed to keep things on track each step of the way. That's why I see myself as more of a project manager than simply a realtor. Because you need someone who will "sweat the small stuff."

I have the deepest respect for the American Dream. One of the greatest social inventions that sets America apart is the opportunity for "the common man" to purchase land and build a home on it. People tend to take it for granted today, but what a revolutionary idea that was! Home ownership means personal independence and security, which provides a unique sense of pride and fulfillment. It's tremendously satisfying for me to play a small role in keeping this great opportunity alive and well. It may be a cliche, but it's so very true: "There's no place like home!" In real estate, experience counts a lot. Mine is a field with an extremely high turnover rate. A whopping 80% leave the profession within the first two years! I've been a realtor for over 10 years now, and, believe me, I've learned a great deal during that time. It's given me the knowledge and expertise that make all the difference to your outcome.

Most importantly, everything begins and ends with my Christian faith. I'm one of those Christians who tries to take church home with me and to practice its teachings all week long. As far as I'm concerned, business is not a separate activity that you conduct according to a different set of values. You should act as though God is looking over your shoulder, because He is! Why not get in touch? I invite you to contact me anytime for a brief "get acquainted" chat. No obligation or pressure, just a chance to see if you'll feel comfortable with me and my approach. I hope to hear from you soon!